Saturday, 20 September 2008

So I thought that I'd be less busy after the defense - turns out I was partially wrong. I am still a little busy with school and my life has gotten somewhat boring. So I didn't have anything to tell y'all in the time that I had. I'm currently writing up one of the chapters in my thesis for publication but it is to be submitted for a special issue so it has a deadline attached to it. Which is a good thing because right now I'm pretty good at procrastinating. But yesterday I got the bound copies of my thesis and I took pictures because this is the last thing I have to do for the technical completion of my degree. There is convocation but I don't have to actually attend - and I'm not sure I will. Finishing my masters just doesn't seem like a really big deal because I still have another degree to go. I'm leaning towards attending but still not completely sure. Anyway... pictures!

"Oh wow! Look! It is done!"

"Yep, and it looks so professional too"

And on a final note, my friend also had her thesis bound but the bindery had an issue with her title...

It should read 5-HT1A Receptors and the Circadian Clock. She is getting it re-bound for free but we got these funny pictures in the mean time. I've heard of Canadians being polite, and saying certain phrases more frequently than other places (eh?) but our own time? This is a new one.

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Louiz said...

Wow, it looks so... definitive and done. What further degree are you going to be doing (and what is it leading to?)

And, Canadian Clock is funny