Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Overheard on the Bus

I suppose when it rains it pours - I have another thing to blog about and I don't want to save it for tomorrow. I had a wonderful encounter on the bus today. A little background first, the bus was fairly crowded because the earlier bus had not come for some reason.

An old man gets on the bus and a young woman starts to get out of her seat so that he can sit
old man: No no you sit, women they are the queens of Canada. They need to sit
young woman (puzzled voice): Okay, yes we are
old man: You are like the Queen Elisabeth
young woman looks perplexed

bus driver: Move to the back
bus driver: Everyone needs to move further back please
old man (with humor): We move back more and soon we go up to the roof of the bus!

Then it turns out that the man and his wife (or sister) live in my building so they get off the bus, he gets off first and gives her his hand to step down (it looked sweet). We walk towards our building and I hear this strange noise, I turn to look and he is making a lot of kissing noises. I held open the door for them and the following took place

old woman: Thank you
old man: Thank you, you are very nice
me: Well I try to be
old man: Happy Easter!
me: Happy Easter to you too.

I don't know if the man was just silly or a bit senile but either way he made my evening! It is times like these that help me remember that tripling my commute time by taking the bus is (sometimes) worth it.

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