Thursday, 6 March 2008

Thesis-Related Epic Battle #1

The first thesis-related epic battle versus statistics is currently in progress. It started sometime around 8:30 am on Monday and has claimed 5-8 hours per day since then. Currently the student front (me) is suffering from headaches at the end of the daily skirmishes (lots of time in front of a computer screen) and sore wrists. The troops (me) are becoming increasingly distractible (Vanessa Farquharson made 366 eco-friendly changes last year and documented them on her website). The epic battle is slated to end sometime this afternoon or tomorrow after a short skirmish. I will update you with the casualties (number of pages written) when the battle has ended.

ETA: it is 3:15 and the battle has just finished. The casualty is 21 pages double spaced Times New Roman, 12 point font. 67 paragraphs containing 6,536 words! This is just the results section of my pilot data (experiment 1 of 3-4) for my Master's thesis. My wrists hurt.

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Amy Lane said...

You are way too smart to be hanging out with me. Did I mention that I dropped out of the MA program in Creative Writing? HELLO!!!