Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Well since the last post I've decided that I am a real blogger (albeit a bit lazy) - I have lurkers and everything! I'm still puzzling over the privacy thing. I found that if you google my name and Canadian pages one of the top choices gives you my Amazon review of Amy Lane's book. And if you include Calgary in the search my name comes up on the NSERC website (as does my Amazon review). So even if I wanted to be completely off the internet I can't be. If you google my name plus my university affiliation you come up with a link to my university site (very very plain) and the second link is to my lab. Yup, so much for anonymity. I think I will put a different user name on Ravelry but that is as far as I've gotten on decisions. In terms of university related things I want people to be able to find me as that is good for my job prospects in the future. And I'm not a private person in real life. There are some things you won't get me to talk a lot about and there are some things that will make me uncomfortable but to a large extent I am accepting - to each his/her own opinion. 

But there - look at me - I'm posting again this month. Oh dear, this could become a habit! Do you think it is contagious?


Bells said...

It is contagious. I only used to blog about fortnightly.....then I got hooked!

Shelly said...

I know this has nothing to do with your post but I noticed you have Anne of Green Gables in your fave books. There's a writing contest where you write a letter to Anne in 500 words or less and you can win a Prince Edward Island Holiday Package since it's the 100 year anniversary of Anne.

Thought you might be interested.

Amy Lane said...

Very contagious... the more you blog, the more I look for you!