Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Getting It Out There

Maybe I should just concentrate on posting and ignore the fact that posts without pictures are not as much fun. I finished blocking my Mystery Stole 3 just over a week ago and I think I took pictures, but of course they are not on my computer and I am at work so I do not have my camera. OOO but wait, I have pictures that have not been posted from other finished objects, some dating to before Christmas I think but oh well, they are new and shiny for you guys.

Calorimetry in my first handspun

Ellie liked the button

The Pallindrome Hat knit in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted Multi - very quick knit. The first picture is more accurate in terms of colour.

Dishcloths because the colours are so darn pretty

And a bear - fuzzy mitten pattern (Barbara Prime)

and in some different clothes... sort of like a fashion show

I knit an Elefante (free pattern) but I forgot to take a finished object photo before I gave it to my mom for her charity group

I don't get the Flickr posting thing - if anyone has tips on putting photos from flickr into your blog in a painless manner please let me know. As far as I can do it I get one picture in a post but I like to put more than one per post. And I wish that blogger would put the photos where my cursor was instead of at the top of the post. Anyway, I was going to chat for a bit but now that there are pictures I will leave you to look at the knitting and will regale you with tales of graduate school another day.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That bear is awesomely cute. How difficult was it to make? If I take up knitting now, would I have learned enough and have time to make a bear like that only 10 times bigger to give my wife next Valentines day? The flowers + a gadget + a nice dinner is getting old. So yeah. This could be something I'm willing to try.

Barbara Prime said...

I understand about the annoying blogger photo deal. I don't know how to fix that either.

As for the photos from flickr, I have a couple ideas. Go to the photo's page in your flickr account, right click on it, and select "copy image location" then paste that into the url box that blogger gives you when you want to insert a photo. This will only give you the photo, and won't link back to the flickr page. Once the picture is where you want it in your post, click on it to select it, then add the link back to your flickr page. This sounds complicated writing it down, but is the easiest way I've found to add multiple photos with links. Hope it helps!