Monday, 17 December 2007


I finally started on my Strikke-along project. It is NHM #3 from Selbuvotter by Terri Shea. I knit quite a lot of it yesterday as you can see. Well you would be able to see if Blogger was behaving. I will try tomorrow, and you will see also how much I had to rip out. I call it practice (and a bit of colour work addiction). You see, I missed a whole chart (that had 5 rows and was small-ish) and while I was prepared to live with the uneven-ness of the fabric, missing a whole chart was too large of an error for me to accept. So I took pictures and ripped the sucker back to the ribbing. The second time around is going quite well, still uneven though I think it is less so then the first try. A problem that bugs me even more is the uneven stitches. I'm not quite sure what I am doing wrong but I have to go back every now and then with a needle and pull the stitches up so that there is a crisp boarder where it is needed. And some stitches are too large/small. But I will keep knitting this pair, and when I finish them I will likely start another. They are addicting, and living in a place like Calgary you can always use a couple pairs of mittens.

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Susan said...

Those tight stitches and bumpy textures you write about are par for the course when learning stranded colorwork. You're holding the tension on one of your yarns too tightly. It takes much, much practice to get it right but I found it almost resolved itself when I learned to use a combination of continental and English knitting -- holding one color in each hand -- for stranded (Fair Isle) patterns.

As for ripping back because of a missed graph, entirely up to you of course but if the design looks OK without it, you could always opt to do the "variation" without the missing pattern. I promise the knitting police would not have issued a warrant for your arrest!

This time.