Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Pictures From Yesterday's post

Blogger decided to let me upload the pictures I talked about yesterday. This first image shows how far I got before ripping back - I had forgotten chart A completely.

This second picture shows the lumpy bumpy nature of my fabric - I was okay with this since these mittens are my first stranded knitting project with the exception of the Lindy Bag.

And here you can see how far I ripped back. Zoie was staying still for a bit so I included her in the image. It is a bit rare to have her still while you photograph her... And a kitty always adds a nice atmosphere to a picture.

And this final picture is to add some festive cheer to the blog. Ellie likes to get the ornaments sometimes so we keep the soft non-breakable ones near the bottom. Happy holidays everyone.


Amy Lane said...

Your kitties look so huggable! MIne look...well...harried... And the stranded knitting project looks fabulous--I'm sure when it's done it will be grand! (my verification word is 'pinoxwh'--it looks like it should mean something...)

Susan said...

Those bumps may well have blocked right out, actually. They're beautiful and will be even more so when they're re-knit. Nice work!