Saturday, 10 February 2007

WIPs and FOs

So this is what I've been doing

Miss Priss Ribbed Socks

Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino colour sm138 (dark purple/black)
Pattern: Miss Priss Ribbed Socks by Schaefer Yarn Co.
Pattern thoughts: nice, and easy
Sock Thoughts: not so sure about the heel flap type. will learn toe up socks next hopefully.

Mother-in-law scarf

Yarn: some Lionbrand stuff, not sure I'll use it again - becoming yarn snobbish
pattern: unknown - lent the pattern book out to Laura.

Step-Mother-in-law scarf

Yarn: Manos de Uruguay Jungle - loved the yarn
Pattern: My so called scarf
Pattern thoughts: I love how this one turned out. It was easy because of a MasonDixon Tutorial . I want to make myself one now. I think that it would look better in a more varigated yarn, this colour wasn't very variable.

Sarah Scarf

No pictures here but it is a striped fun fur scarf for a 6 year old. I held the fun fur with an acrylic yarn to make it thicker. They live in a climate where wool would be overkill but this should be functional. I also made two mini scarves for her two favorite dolls. It will be a hit, I'm sure.

In progress:

Glove Love

This is the one that I mentioned I was taking a class for yesterday. The yarn is Lamb's Pride Worsted in Dynamite Blue. The gloves are for Cory. Then I will make my own. The pattern is by IndiKnits.

Cabled Cardigan

I have the back, one sleeve and most of one front done. This sweater keeps getting put down for other projects because it takes a bit to pick up again if I've taken a break for a few days (which I do on a regular basis). I changed the yarn for it and so I'm knitting one of the larger sizes. The pattern is from VOGUEknitting Fall 2006 - pattern #19. I think the sleeve is too long so it is still with live stiches and I may rip it out a bit.

That is my knitting recently.

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Amy Lane said...

Holy Bat, Crapman! The woman's knitting up a fabulous storm! Don't worry about yarn snobbery--it happens to us all. I was bound and determined to be the Red Heart Ho' until the day I died, but a year in the Yarn Harlot's company, and Lion Brand began to pall a little... I luuuuuuuuuuvvvvv the socks!!!! Keep it up, darlin'--it's all so pretty!