Sunday, 2 January 2011

Resolutions 2011

First off, Happy New Years!

I typically don't make New Years resolutions. I usually think that if I want to resolve to change something it doesn't matter what time of year it is. In June I started running - and kept it up for 3-4 months - I stopped when it became too cold outside and too icy and I had my big exam to study for. I didn't have time to check out gyms and prices much less join one and go to it. It didn't matter that I formed a resolution in June - just that I resolved to get off my arse. And I kept going even though I got some small injuries - I just modified the plan and got help.

This is all to say that normally I don't make resolutions that coincide with the majority of the world. So I was thinking though that I have some changes that I want to make - that I could make, not should make. Well I suppose both really. I'd been mulling it over - some of the resolutions started to form back in November but recently I came across a blog post that had a novel concept that I've decided to adopt.

The idea is to pick a word (or several if you must) that become your talisman for the year. A touchstone of sorts. This post describes it better than I can, for my understanding is still developing. So I thought about my ideas, resolutions, and goals for the year to see whether they might all cluster around a word or two. And I think, to some extent, they do. The main word that I need or want as my touchstone for the coming year is Balance. It subsumes all sorts of things. This past semester my life got progressively more out of balance - not that it had started in balance but it was better than it had been for awhile.


I want to exercise more, stress less, prioritize creativity, focus on family.

I want to be healthy (this is almost a different touchstone but I think it can fit into balance if I try)

I want to simplify and organize - and I think that will be possible if I realize some balance in other areas of my life - the idea is to become more organized in a balanced fashion - incorporating small measures or techniques so that they become natural and habitual - not approaching organization in a dive into the deep end fashion but rather in a more balanced fashion.

So now I've put my resolution out there into the world - I will try to be accountable. By telling someone else I've increased the likelihood of success. And I have plans, at least for the start of the year. 

I've signed up for an e-course on art journaling - Inside Out - I've always liked keeping a journal and am excited to learn a different way of expressing myself that is also highly creative. Something about the course just spoke to me. I thought about it for a few days, even tried to convince myself not to take it but it didn't work. So I signed up.

And I have some books - my inlaws gave me two books for Christmas that I'm going to try out - Everyday Calm: 365 Ways to a Better You and Everyday Happy: 365 Ways to a Better You. The idea of these books is to make small changes and to give you a lot of ideas that you can try out. I'll be sharing some on this blog, I think. And to help with organization, I bought a book called Organize Now! A week-by-week guide to simplify your space and your life. Again, the idea is baby steps. There are bits in the book that aren't applicable - like organizing a move - but the majority are.

Have you made resolutions for this coming year? What do you think about the touchstone word idea?

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Denise said...

I'm not usually one to make resolutions either, but have sort of done it this year - the touchstone word for me is probably CREATE. I've set myself a "Drawing a Day" project for the year, and extra frugal living to cut debt - which entails creating all gifts for the year, and more making do ...

Balance is a good and important goal too, I like your list. Good luck with it all!