Saturday, 20 November 2010

Picture Heavy Finished Objects Post

Wow, I haven't done a knitting post in a LONG while - late may, apparently! Well here is a round up of a bit of the stuff I've been doing... All links are Ravelry links

Queen Anne's Lace - crochet scarf
there was a bit of ripping out with this one - the yarn held up relatively well - pattern is nice, but the scarf is a bit floppy when it is worn. Though I have gotten compliments on it while I was out and about so it can't be all that floppy :)


A moebius scarf/cowl for my mom - Infinity Peacocks Moebius Wrap
The pattern was okay - the cast-on was cool - the yarn a bit splitty but the bind off was too tight and it was a pain in the arse to block.


Lots of babies this summer
I made several apple hats - fruit hats always seem to be a hit


My first Zimmerman pattern - February Baby Sweater
The yarn and pattern were great - and the mom loved it


3-in-1 Felted Baby Booties - so cute, a bit on the small side but they did fit for awhile - and the mom LOVED the booties



Some baby hats that still need to be delivered to the charity...



A quick Baby Beret for a friend - again, appreciated - and bonus, it used up some leftover yarn


And another baby hat for another friend - like I said, a lot of babies so far this year - I learned to pick up stitches in pattern for this one


Some crochet washcloths to practice - these Venice Beach ones were my favorite


Cat toys - these are the best - the cats LOVE them - and they get destroyed quickly as a result. Ellie seems to know when the knits are for her and Zoie loves to chew the tail off...


Felted Calla Lilies - nice pattern - a lot of issues with getting the wire in the stem - but in the end I prevailed


A gift for a very close friend - Biology 101 - she LOVED it - saying that a lot in this post but looking back I've had some big gift hits - always a pleasure when people like what I knit for them


Cory actually made a request - and was insufferable until it was finished :) It has met his approval so I'm happy
A computer chair - using the Big Dotty Cushion pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting


A cowl - I call it my Snowdrift Cowl - knit with handspun and super warm, which is useful right now - not quite what I had envisioned but the warmth makes up for that


And a flower on a bobby pin


I've got some other projects on the go - but they are either awaiting parts (like wooden beads for heads) or awaiting blocking (Wisp shawl) or are related to Christmas gifts. I've also been spinning but it is time for bed and there are more than enough pictures in this post


Louiz said...

What lovely FOs:) Love the frog

Anonymous said...


Happy birthday by the way... Those purple flowery bobby pins area bsolutely to die for. when i envisioned my bridesmaids walking down the aisle i pictured them with something beautiful and organic looking in their hair. at first I thought the only way to go would be some sort of beautiful peacock feather peice, but those are stunning.

Also maybe i should have a baby cause those fruits hats are seriously cute. your like a baby knitting machine...