Saturday, 17 October 2009

FO: Mitered Square Blanket

You know a project has taken awhile when it feels weird to think that it is done. I've finally finished my Mitered Square Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting! I started it back in January 2008 and finished it yesterday. Some delays were due to laziness (especially towards the end), heat (also towards the end - who wants to knit the edge on a blanket in the middle of summer), running out of a colour and Michaels not having it because Patons changed their colour line (found a place online that still had them, luckily), and needing more colours (found them in Kelowna). There were also a few extra squares made because I knit them before I figured out the pattern that I wanted... They went to my mom's knitting group who knits blankets for charity - I figured they'd fit in somewhere.

There are 80 miters in this thing - 13 colours - and 9x4 rows of garter stitch in the border (9 colours, 4 rows per colour). I knit some icord to cover the seam at the corners because the seam was messy and I couldn't stand not being completely satisfied given the time investment in the blanket.

Ellie and Cory have both claimed the blanket.


Louiz said...

That's fabulous! Claim it back, quickly, after all that work, you deserve to enjoy it all by yourself for a while.

emma said...

Go Catie!! Wow! It rocks! I'm really jealous, it is so beautiful.
I'm in the middle of moving and barely knitting at all these days.

Bells said...

oh well done. What an achievement Catie. It's beautiful and I am full of admiration and envy!