Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Next year I am looking forward to...

In photo, me - age unknown... Photo credit: my dad

... learning how to spin
... putting in new flooring (ours is a really crappy white carpet - who invented white carpet?) in the spring (hopefully)
... making new friends (this one takes a lot of effort for me because I'm more of a homebody)
... keeping in touch with old friends
... immersing myself in my new research topic
... taking a lot of pictures (and getting to the free class that came with my new camera - finally)
... seeing relatives that live nearby more than once a year
... spending as much (or more) time with my husband
... playing fetch with my kitties and snuggling them lots
... learning how to relax

Thanks to Jane Brocket for the post idea.


BC said...

Hi Catie,

We were just talking about that lovely couch and how my oldest barfed on me while I was sitting on it. (He did a LOT of barfing as a baby) Hubby had to rescue me before the barf slid to the cushions.

Bet you wish you didn't ask for comments now!


Anonymous said...

Hello Catie,

keep posting ... it keeps me up to date on your life so I can live vicariously through you ... :O )

... and who knows, it might just give me an idea for more postal deliveries ... :O )

La Mano Nera.

Anonymous said...

Does making new on-line friends count?