Monday, 14 May 2007

8 Random Things

Okay, so Amy (link over on the side: A Yarning to Write) tagged me with a meme. I've never been tagged before so this ought to be interesting. At first I thought it was 10 random things and was thinking hard about what I would write. I thought I would have to stretch my mind - I was wrong - I am totally wierd. So here is my list:

1. I married my first (and only) boyfriend - his name is Cory and he is a wonderful person. We will have our 1 year anniversary on July 8th, 2007.

2. I have a scar on my appendix without an external scar. I had a huge case of appendicitis when I was 13 and should have had it out. But I had mononucleosis so the doctors waited a little longer than they normally would have. The inflammation went down and I still have my appendix. But if I ever get appendicitis again, no matter how minor, the appendix must come out because it is weakened.

3. I have always had a cat - seriously I have gone less than 24 hours without one. For awhile my cats did not live with me - but this was because I was in university and the cats didn't move with me - they stayed with my parents. Those cats are still with my parents but now I have 2 with me. Penny and George (the cats with my parents) are my cats, technically, but live with my parents because they dislike change and have more freedom at my parents place.

4. My nieces and nephews and I are closer in age than my siblings and I (with few exceptions). My nearest niece (Lucy) is 8 years younger than me, my nearest sibling (Andrea) is 15 years older than me... The same happened with my mom and her aunt (7 years difference), the same thing has happened with my new niece (Emma) and her sister (Lucy).

5. In grade 8 (still elementary school where I was living) I spent 4-5 months living with my grandparents in Italy (Cernusco Lombardone - outside of Milan). My parents were with me, as was my cat (Penny). I refused to go without the cat and my parents caved. I'm very glad they did. While there I went to school, made friends, and learned the language.

6. My first major knitting project was a double wide garter stich blanket in an acrylic boucle yarn. I love it but I don't think I could do it again though. It took a long time but is done.

7. Listening to the clothes dryer helps me fall asleep. I guess I was always able to hear the dryer in my parents house growing up. Other sounds also relax me such as the sound of the shower going while I fall asleep. The vaccuum does not put me to sleep.

8. I recently stopped taking my antidepressants (under medical supervision) and am now on a bunch of vitamins and natural supplements. It is kind of working. I take 11 different types of pills - most of them twice a day. I'll take a picture of them one day - it is that funny.

Okay, so now I gotta sign off but I hope these were random/wierd enough for you.


Amy Lane said...

I always love to hear from another cat person... and the age thing is oldest children are older than a couple of my's weird how that stuff works out!!! (You're not too weird...really! I married my one and only boyfriend too...almost 18 years ago. Congratulations and good luck!)

Susan said...

That stole is gorgeous, Catie. Love the colour.

Glad you're off the antidepressants. Those things scare me but then all pharmaceuticals scare me these days (the whole fast track, rush to market thing). Anyway, glad to hear the vitamins and herbs are helping you manage.